When I was a young man I used to love video games. They did not have games like they do now. All of them were either arcade style or available on a home system. I was never able to afford any of the home systems until I was an adult so I was stuck going down to play arcade games. I would spend every quarter I could get my hands on in the arcade machines.

There was that one summer my folks took me to Australia. We stayed with relatives. My cousin and I were the same age and she showed me all the fun things to do. They even had an arcade in her town where we were allowed to go in the afternoon as long as an older cousin came with us. We are both adults now. she went into real estate. She now has several online sites where she discusses real estate, gardening (another one of her passions) and all things Australian. She mentions the Grampians National Park on one of her posts. I remember going there when I was on that Australian trip. I think seeing the ancient Aboriginal rock art paintings in shelters throughout the park as well as the wild life: kangaroos, koalas, emus was the most memorable for me as a kid. But I digress.

Video games were my favorite pastime. I used to get a small allowance. It was nothing to right home about but is afforded me the chance to play when I had the money. Unfortunately, that never lasted very long & I would find new ways to come up with some more change to play again. It is amazing at the things I would do to raise funds for those machines.

I remember for one summer I would go down to the pizza shop on the corner every single day at around lunch time to flip over the chairs and help open up the counter. The owner would give me $3.00 each day and then he used to flip me for another dollar. If I could call it in the air he would up the ante to 4 bucks. He would always pay me in quarters because he knew that all of those would be going right back into his arcade machines.

He used to have 1942, I loved that game. I played it the most, but I also liked to play his pinball machine as well as his claw machine which you could win a prize from. I would be able to spend an hour or 2 there everyday spending what I earned helping him out for the day. On occasion I would make my way down there at night to help out as well, but he was open pretty late for me at that age so I did not help him close shop.

I also remember the summer I started my yard maintenance business. My cousin and I got tired of being broke all of the time. We decided that we could go from door to door asking people if they needed any work done on their yard. We would use their tools since we didn’t have any of our own. Amazingly, we made pretty good money. That was actually a great little gig because we were always able to make enough for a pizza and some sodas plus a few bucks to do with as we pleased.

That job was nice but it really ended up that we were cleaning up more dog poop than anything else so we decided to find better ways around our no money situation. No reason to become too hung up on such a dirty job.


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