Windows 10 II

Project Spartan, Microsoft’s new internet browser, looks damn good at best, and just better than any alternative at worst. Some of the cool new features that Windows 10’s Spartan browser will provide are listed below.

Project Spartan (or Microsoft Edge, it’s official name)

  • Microsoft Edge will be the first internet browser to be able to use multiple cores. Even Apple laptops use Intel Core 2 Duo processors, extremely old processors that have 2 cores, yet most applications, including browsers, only ever use one core, Edge will be able to take advantage of all of the cores in your system, whether your running an overpriced piece of junk with only 2 cores, or rocking something like and Intel Xeon with 12 full cores.
  • Microsoft Edge is not only the most technologically advanced browser, but Ease of Access is a huge bonus as well, being able to draw over webpages and annotate like never before will completely revolutionize the way people browse the internet, and being able to share it will only give you the ability to collaborate more with others, whether it be for an important conference for your business, or to develop some next generation strategies for your new¬†Halo team.

Windows 10 being the first completely universal operating system is another amazing feature in Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Universal Operating System

  • Windows Phone, Surface, XBox One and, of course, PC will all run the exact same operating system.
  • Applications designed for one of the above devices will work universally with all of the other devices, all XBox games will now run on PC, and all of the PC games that are low-tech enough for the XBox hardware to handle will be able to run on Microsoft’s incredibly popular console.

HoloLens, although not a part of Windows 10, has been announced and is expected to release just after Windows 10, take a look at some of the coolest features of Microsoft’s new virtual-reality headset.

Microsoft HoloLens

  • Microsoft’s HoloLens, unlike other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, has a built in computer, so it doesn’t stream from your separate PC, it does it’s very own exclusive thing.
  • Instead of the negatively connotated Oculus Rift and other headsets, the Microsoft HoloLens improves your world, rather than giving you a new, better one to live in alternatively, like most VR headsets.
  • Microsoft’s HoloLens will let you play games like Minecraft on your kitchen counter, and allow you to conjure up and interact with individual holograms wherever you go.
  • HoloLens shares information with other HoloLens’ that you tell it to communicate with, so your not the only one seeing what your seeing, making collaberation as easy as ever

Well, as an avid Windows fan and user of the popularly dreaded Windows 8.1, I’m incredibly glad that Windows will be releasing a new Operating System to freshen up my old, yet still incredibly powerful GT70 notebook by MSI. My brother and I are excited to reap the benefits of Microsofts new OS while the rest of our family struggle to keep up with Apple OS X machines.


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