So, I am lost when it comes to this whole craze where people are posting their entire life online. Why do people decide that is a necessary part of life. There were a lot of years when the world had no Internet. What did people do back then? You mean they actually went outside. They spoke to one another face to face? How could they manage that, you ask. They did not have their face shoved into a computer screen all of the time. Is anyone else in my corner? Do you know what I am talking about or am I just blowing smoke?

Why is it that people feel they can post anything they like to online to their facebook pages, intagram, twitter account, YouTube, and any other social media you can think of? Don’t they take into consideration who might be viewing it.  I keep all of my stuff online to a minimum because you never know what message you are putting out and who it might be getting that message. I don’t put anything even potentially controversial because I did not want to draw anyone’s ire. I think my opinions are best left to their own vices. Why should I burden the world with something so minor that potentially could cause such a big mess.

Although it can be wonderful to see people’s happy moments, from marriage engagements to birthdays, it can also be a little too much information. It probably really depends on your own personal interests, but I don’t have interest in reading about all of the birthday presents you buy your child, but I might take tips about finding reasonably priced engagement rings! Hint, hint.

I finally realized that unless I posted a query on my facebook account, no one was going to offer any suggestions. But I didn’t want to let the “cat out of the bag,” so I did a search for cheap engagement rings and finally found an e commerce site that sells reasonably priced engagement rings whose stones look like the real thing, but are really made from cubic zirconia. SterlingForever has the most amazing selection of rings and other jewelry made from this synthetic gemstone, which believe me, looks like diamond. I did a little more research online and found out that most fake diamond looking jewelry is made from it. What I particularly liked about SterlingForever is that their combination of pure silver and cubic zirconia rings, crafted intricately with fine details are made to last for a long time. It looks like there is going to be a surprise celebration soon. And I’m sure someone will be posting pictures and comments on Facebook and the like. It just won’t be me!

There are some very easy ways to see flaws with posting your life online and I want to fill you in on one or two of them before you go. Let’s take for example first that anyone can search you out & look you up. What if you are putting in a job application & you soon to be boss looks up your Facebook account to find illicit pictures or posts. They might feel that their job would be best suited to someone a little more private. It has happened in the past, do not kid yourself.

Even more worrisome than that is when someone commits a crime then posts video of it online. How stupid are people to think that this is normal behavior. First why would anyone post criminal activity because the police are sure to find it & use it against them. Things can get a little sticky after that. Social media is always one of the first places that the authorities look to try finding any possible clues. Plus people are bound to see this material & report it to the authorities when they so.

It is best that you just keep you private information to yourself. Don’t share it all over the Internet for just anyone to see. If you are wise you will do every thing in your power to ensure you keep your dirty laundry where it belongs, in your hamper. not hanging out on the line for everyone to see.


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