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Okay, so if I got out the spreadsheet I’d probably find that over the past three or four years I’ve spent about that much getting to this point, but that really doesn’t change how I feel about it. Maybe an auto loan refinance would have added more to the bottom line, but it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun. Overall I ended up breaking even, so the last three or four years of gambling turned out to be free, and I had plenty of fun along the way. Who’s gonna tell me that’s wrong?

But along the way I ran into something that really changed my life. The biggest is having grandchildren and watching them develop from little babies, to youngsters, to teenagers. That’s as far as I’ve experienced. Can’t wait till they are young adults and see what they are going to pursue in life. Right now we are baby sitting one of my son’s younger daughter who is into princess dresses and all that entails. She is dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty (no less) princess out fit with a glittery tiara, white gloves (when did princesses start wearing white gloves?), and a cape. I think her pink jelly sandals add a nice touch. She is dancing around the garden outside while blowing bubbles.

Actually more than one thing, but all were related to my health, and were very easy to ignore up until the bright lights of recognition were shined onto them. One has to do with my declining muscle base – yeah, I’m becoming a couch potato, and then other is very closely related – I was getting fat! And third, I was getting older. And as a result of online shopping, I just place a subscription order on a cleaning supplies site for bulk toilet paper and other disposables (just like we do for the restaurant), and life is good.

Being a coach potato and getting fat are very common occurrences in the modern world, and both are very bad indeed. Obviously we are all getting older. My primary care physician strongly recommended that I impose some strict discipline and force myself to change the lifestyle that was leading me into the abyss. After several failed diet attempts (dieting is hard work, by the way) my wife suggested I consider age management medicine with its relatively new multi-faceted programs in health, wellness and disease prevention. Age management treatments often include a weight loss plan, but the entire age management protocol turnout to be exactly what I needed.

The majority of people start to notice subtle physical changes as they hit middle age. Well, I’m there and it’s true. Some say these changes are the natural aging process become more obvious as people reach their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Learning about age related symptoms that often have to do with a person’s energy, mood, mental acuity, quality of sleep, body composition, weight, aches and pains, and sexual function, made me realize my issues weren’t just because I am a couch potato. I am now on andropause treatments. Wow, what a difference they make.

So I’m now a big fan of age management medicine. I noticed that there are a lot of scammy sites out there selling non prescription testosterone creams and pills. Don’t believe the claims. Only prescription testosterone is going to make any difference.

Now my plan is to keep the weight I lost off and I’m keeping a journal to help me understand how to do that. My aging symptoms are disappearing.

So I can report that I’m getting my vim and vigor back and have more energy to do all normal activities . My age management doc is helping me create a lifestyle that is both fun and won’t kill me before my time. My wife loves all the changes that have occurred. I know I spend too much time in front of a computer screen, so I’m thinking of taking up racquetball just to throw in some variety. Stay tuned.

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